Piece #45

Photography | EDP Headquarters, Lisbon, Portugal | August 2016

The Energias de Portugal Headquarters in Lisbon was designed by the architects Aires Mateus. The building is located on the quays of Lisbon, not far from the train station Cais do Sodre and Mercado da Ribeira. Although initially I had no idea what it was, something about the glowingly white sun shading fins of the office building showed a calculated elegance and texture that captivates the gaze of passers-by, so, naturally, I had to return the next day to investigate more. The design is comprised by two main blocks connected by a loop and a central space covered with, much needed in the Portuguese sun, brise soleil. The building lifts its diagonally opposed corners to allow pedestrian circulation to connect the waterfront to the beginning of the historical quarters of Lisbon.

The architects are better known for their smaller residential work with the trademark  white walls that remind of the Mediterranean vernacular architecture and the elegant lines of modern geometries.


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