Piece #47

Photography | Portuguese National Pavilion, Lisbon, Portugal | August 2016

The Portuguese National Pavilion for the ’98 Expo held in Lisbon was designed by the distinguished architect Álvaro Siza Vieira. The pavilion with its central plaza was the central piece and the grand entrance of the exhibition. The concrete cover, spanning 70m by 50m between the solid piers is only 20cm thick,creating a feeling of pressure and unease as a textile canvas covering the plaza arches downward. The secret to this canopy is expressed at the connection with the posts where the cables are exposed, allowing for light to come through suggesting the canopy is perilously hovering above the open square. Juxtaposed to the north of the plaza there is a white paint modern design exhibition space that opens up to a series or gardens where the clean lines and the simple geometries meet the arbitrary form of nature.

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