Piece #49

Photography¬†| The Doge’s Palace, Genoa, Italy | October 2016

Genoa is a place of contrast and culture, you will find it difficult to find a corner that doesn’t have historical relevance. The many many ruins of the city get intertwined with the technology and the industrial landscape of the extended port creating dramatic scenes of contemporaneity.

The Genoese Doge’s Palace, completed in 1783, is a neo-classical palazzo that is now used as a cultural centre and exhibition space. One of the most striking aspects of the building which was pretty common for the period it was built in is that the front entrance and the back entrance are very different as one of them is painted. The palace was renovated in 1992 with the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. It’s main exhibition spaces currently hosting an exhibition of famous and controversial fashion photographer Helmut Newton. The collection was curated by his widow and shows works from his first three books.

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