Piece #51

Collage | MArch, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK | November 2016

The area identified in Genova, Italy for the Urban Design masterplan is mainly characterised by disconnection due to the topology as well as the intense and multi-layered infrastructure. For this reason it has become a place where people do not want to linger and if possible avoid completely, increasing the amount of abandonment and dereliction. However due to the increase in investment in Genoa (the port being expanded, the UNESCO World Heritage inclusion, the Erzelli Hi-Tech Park, the Blueprint competition to improve the Souther part of the Port Antico and others) we foresee that there will be an expansion of the business quarter and residential in the near future. As the identified site is in close proximity to the city centre as well as various transport hubs linking it to the rest of the city as well as other important economic centres in the area (Torino and Milano) it is best suited for a mixed use development that would increase the quality of spaces, density and the connections of the city.

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