Piece #55

Photography | Beyond Form, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy | October 2016

For Beyond Form, German architect Werner Sobek questions the amount of mass buildings need to have in an age of cutting edge technologies, especially with the looming presence of issues like overpopulation and the environmental collapse point of no return. He argues that form is beginning to be secondary to the amount of energy and materials put into the building process. For this reason, he designed a cube of minimum weight fabric, printed with quotes of the IPCC‘s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Report on Climate Change, in 9 languages.

The installation, due to the combination of delicate materials and the contrast of light and darkness, has an intrinsic air of refinement. By contrast, the dark curtain on top of the cube and the size of the cube (4.66920…m long sides) give it a very strong presence in the room. In addition, the subject and the information printed on the material give it a heaviness that perhaps no material would achieve otherwise.

Beyond Form is definitely one of my favourite exhibits in the Biennale, hope you guys got to see it as well.

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