Piece #59

Places | Crosby Beach, UK | February 2017

Another Place is an installation designed by Anthony Gormley, which is composed by 100 human size statues modelled after the artist himself and made of cast iron. The installation stretches along Crosby Beach as well as into the water. With the passage of time, the statues are in continuous transformation, the tide and the movement of the sand and mud assure a different condition every time one visits.

This trip was long overdue; even though I have been in Liverpool for the most part of the last 6 years, it has been something I had always postponed. It took a stressful week and a bit of a push from the tutors to go see something inspiring and empty my mind. The experience made me realise that sometimes going back to work can be the least productive thing one can do, if your head is not in it, anything you are going to produce is going to be of less quality. I know, I know, it took 6 years to get it… I believe that there are a number of my fellow archi people that have been labouring away in the studio, the library or at home that will benefit from hearing this. Overworking yourselves is only going to make you hate what you do and lose motivation (more tips on improving productivity here), if that happens it is game over. Take it easy and, to quote every single tutor and external examinator I have met, try to enjoy the process!


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