Piece #60

Sketch | Internal Spaces, Comprehensive Design Project, LJMU | February 2017

For the most part of my architectural education I have designed projects from exterior in, making sure they fit the site and respond to certain aspects of the context, however as a leaving project, the CDP, goes against that. The site chosen is very special and a traditional approach did lead me down a very bland design that was submissive to the site instead of making the most of it; thankfully I was made to realise this and changed the design generation process.

Through reading the An Architecture of the Seven Senses by Juhani Pallasmaa, I generated a “inspiration board” of architectural elements that can stimulate the senses, creating a fully engaging design that envelops the visitors and creates an emotional response. This was then taken to the sketchbook and, after generating the diagram of spaces and the links between them, I started sketching various perspectives of how these spaces are envisioned. The one in the featured image is of an intermediary level balcony from which one would be able to see the sea, the city of Genova, the new masterplan and the Lanterna.


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