Piece #62

Render | Archive, Internal Spaces, Comprehensive Design Project, LJMU | May 2017

Long time no see, the end of the Masters came around too fast, which is why I have’t been around for a bit. The last few weeks have been especially intense and tiring, however we have managed to pull though and our exhibition (if I may say so myself) looks amazing. If you don’t believe me, have a look for yourself; it is open Monday to Saturday until at least the 3rd of June (John Lennon Art and Design Building, 2 Duckinfield Street, Liverpool, L3 5RD – we’re on the 3rd floor, but have a look at the Undergrad studio as well, it’s on the ground floor).


Part of this exhibition is this internal render as well; it shows an impression of the archive space which has been placed further inside the rock because of the quality of the rock to maintain a more stable temperature and humidity which is required for safe long term storage, and because it will minimise the amount of energy needed for mechanical environmental control. Its location posed structural challenges due to the compression force of the ground; for this reason the arch which is a very efficient structure under compression is employed and it becomes a design feature for the entire complex. In addition, the arch is also an important characteristic in the local architecture, reminding of the palazzos of the old town of Genova and of viaducts.


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