Piece #63 Graduation and Dom’s Exhibition

Liverpool | 29th July 2017

Writing the first post after finishing University had been an accurate representation of how I am feeling about the future. All the most achievable and tangible goals I had were about my education, it relied only on me, while now, looking for jobs and trying to find a place to live now depend on other people and I am just trying to adapt. I do however feel like this experience differs from the post Part I experience, then, I knew I was only going to be out of Uni for a couple of years but now, this is literally the rest of my life… no pressure.

Unfortunately for myself, because of this situation I can’t go visit my family this summer, but my mother did visit for graduation, so I am grateful for that. But *fingers crossed* everything will fall into its place and I will be seeing them soon.

Otherwise I have been filling my time with job applications, catching up on all the TV I missed and I helped one of my tutors with some work for an exhibition he put together. The exhibition, A New Cathedral, looks a few of the proposals for the 1960 architectural competition for the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Out of the almost 300 entries, Dominic Wilkinson has managed to find the original drawings for a few of the designs and myself and a group of staff and colleagues from Liverpool John Moores University have made 6 of these into physical models.  The exhibition is open now and will be open in the lobby of the cathedral until 10th of September, go have a look.

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