Piece #64 The Move

London | 18th September

So, for the past few weeks I have been traveling down to London to view places to move to as my contract in Liverpool was running out and changing apartments was inevitable, and eventually last week I moved down for good. The move, besides being exciting is also extremely scary as it is life changing and I haven’t got a job yet… but, let’s look on the positive side: this way I get to explore the city and enjoy its architecture all day long (well besides applying for jobs).

Living in London is unsurprisingly completely different from Liverpool, and the city simply fills me with energy. Even if my local friends are busy, there are always galleries and coffee shops to explore with some tunes on (currently switching between Carla’s Dreams Antiexemplu and Bobby’s Love and Hate albums) and armed with my camera. The photos on this post are however all taken on my phone in the breaks between house viewings and more house viewings, it is likely that I will be making a post on the individual buildings as there is a lot of information and a lot of special details that I would like to document.

My internet should be back soon so I will be able to post more often, although I will probably still be camping out in some place that gives me coffee.



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